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Super Rotating Gatling Electric Water Gun



Experience unmatched water battle excitement with the Ice Blast  Rotating Gatling water gun!

This fully automatic electric water cannon not only boasts a cool appearance but also delivers continuous high-speed firing, allowing you to unleash fun in outdoor water battles like never before. 


Ultra-Large Capacity for Extended Play

Equipped with an oversized water reservoir, ensures you stay in the action longer. Its large capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills. The user-friendly design makes the water gun that’s simple to refill and operate. 

Long-Lasting Battery Life

No need for manual charging, simply press the trigger to unleash powerful water streams, providing you with an unparalleled thrill of aquatic warfare. Each full charge gives you up to 5000 water shots.

Leak-Proof Sealed Design

Keep the water where it belongs. Our water gun is designed to be leak-proof, ensuring no water spills out while you’re on the move, ensure that the battery chamber is dry and free from leakage.

Vibrant Flashing Light Effects

Light up your water battles! The soft, eye-safe LED lights flash with every trigger pull. It adds an extra layer of fun, especially during evening play.

Cool and Transparent Design

Show off the inner workings of your water gun with its sleek, see-through design. The futuristic look and clear body make it as cool to look at as it is to use.

 Impressive Range and Power

Dominate the water fight from a distance. The Ice Blast Water Gun can shoot water up to 10 meters (over 30 feet). Its high-pressure design ensures optimal range and power, making it the perfect choice for boys and girls to enjoy outdoor water play! 

Whether at summer gatherings, camping adventures, or backyard games, the Ice Blast Rotating Gatling Water Gun will become your favorite. Come and enjoy the refreshing fun of water warfare!


  • Size: 58*21*20cm
  • Range: 8-10m
  • Color: Blue/Black/Orange
  • Rechargeable lithium battery


  • Standard model: 1 x Ice Blast Water Gun + 1 x 400ml Water tank + 1 x Charger + 1 x Hose
  • Upgrade model: 1 x Ice Blast Water Gun + 1 x 400ml Water tank + 1 x Charger + 1 x Hose + 1 x 3L Water storage backpack

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